2019: BJP Wants Their Pathanam In Telugu States

Divulging BJP’s strategy in the Telugu states, party’s senior leader and one of the general secretaries of party have confessed to media on the sidelines of a press conference. He has revealed the Saffron party’s political plan in the Telugu states for 2019 Lok Sabha and Assembly polls. The senior leader said BJP wants to stop TDP in Andhra Pradesh at any cost and also wants to stop its arch rival Congress in the Telangana. He also admitted that BJP wanted TDP to quit the NDA on its own and hence created such circumstances within the coalition government. 

He said BJP could have stopped Chandrababu Naidu from quitting NDA if it had really wanted him. He admitted that BJP has begun its new game plan in AP and is going to work towards it. Stating that they are open to join leaders from other parties into BJP, he said many from TDP are sending signals to join BJP. Stating that situations would drastically change in AP ahead of 2019 polls, the senior leader opined that Chandrababu Naidu would not become Chief Minister in AP in 2019 despite his severe attempts. 

BJP’s senior leader said they want KCR to win in Telangana and they ensure that Congress would lose badly in Telangana. When asked about KCR’s Federal Front plans currently, he replied saying that is good only. He said 1984 political situation in the state would repeat in 2019 in AP as well. Looks like, BJP is leaving no leaf unturned to counter its chief enemy Chandrababu. Let’s see how TDP and Chandrababu would retaliate them.

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