24 budget is out standing

24 budget is out standing

Definitely Suriya’s ‘24’ is the most awaited project entire South is looking forward at. Even for regular cinema loving audience, now and then something new and innovative concept based projects generate excitement. ‘24’ falls into this special category as audience zeal isn’t dropping down ever since the release date is announced as May 6. Inner sources say that, ‘24’ story is based on a journey into time and Suriya played three pivotal characters designed to perfection by director Vikram Kumar.

Having liked the idea of time machine immensely, Suriya came forward to produce the film on own involved with a heavy budget of 74 Crores. Unlike Tamil viewers, for the first time Telugu audience are showing eagerness to watch ‘24’ on big screens.

That’s the credibility Suriya enjoys among entire South cinema circuit. In the past, we have witnessed Balakrishna experimenting on similar subject of time machine with a cult hit ‘Aditya 369.’ After a very long time gap, Suriya back in same mode touching a time concept is really appreciable. Hope, ‘24’ will be mesmerizingly a superior quality product than ‘Aditya 369.’

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