Chandrababu comments on becoming PM

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has expressed his opinion that regional parties are playing a key role in future in national politics. He said the regional parties are now strengthening and working for the good of the country. On Friday night he spoke to media in Amravati. In the case of national politics, He said He know where the conditions and limits.
Chandrababu also predicted the coming general elections in the He said, The results of the recent by-elections will clarify about the BJP rule.

The party, which is in power, has never been lost at all. BJP would not win in the next general election. He said that regional parties will be crucial in the next election. He knows what and when to do and he can not make a direct comment of forming the national or third front or becoming PM. He has some maturity and follows the right approach whenever he decides to do any political activities at national level.

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