Why CHiranjeevi selected only Vinayak ?

Why CHiranjeevi selected only Vinayak

Chiranjeevi being a respectable politician he cannot attempt commercial subjects at will and wish. Along with commerciality, people expect some strong message to society which is abundant in ‘Kaththilantodu.’ Picking a remake for milestone film although looks like a half-wise decision but when there’s no way around, he should follow it. On picking of VV Vinayak as director, again there’s a debate of sorts.

He had a disastrous ‘Akhil’ to credit but he is the same director who once made blockbuster remake ‘Tagore’ with Chiranjeevi or direct super hits like ‘Aadi, Dil, Lakshmi, Bunny, Adhurs’ and ‘Naayak.’ As far as Vinayak’s credibility is concerned, he can project Chiranjeevi in right dimension. Ultimately, Mega Star believed in his decision and it should prove right.

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