Dhoni not happy with Umpires

Dhoni not happy with Umpires


The other day was so great that Indian team won against pakisthan in the crucial t20 match in asia cup. But the ear pieces that umpires used the international match were objected by indian captain MS Dhoni. He said Empires these days were using only one year as an earpiece was placed pin the other one.

He says earpieces were affecting Umpires hearing and such things shouldn’t be used at least when the ball is being bowled. Pakisthan player khurram manzoor was out in a ball bowled by Ashish Nehra but umpire didnot declare it as not out. The same happened when Virat kohili was not out and given out at his 49th run.

Dhoni said over technology is keeping things away from live cricket is not at all fair.

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