Hrithik roshan to remake 24 movie ?

Hrithik roshan to remake 24 movie

Bollywood stars and filmmakers show special interest to remake south super hits. Nonetheless, demand for Hindi remake rights of Tamil star Suriya’s upcoming scientific thriller 24 is pretty high, even before release of the movie. As per a latest grapevine, Bollywood action hero Hrithik Roshan and his dad Rakesh Roshan are keen on watching the film to remake it in Hindi. Suriya revealed the same in an interview.

He said that, few other Bollywood filmmakers are also enthusiastic to buy remake rights of his film. Ever since the action-packed trailer hit online, expectations have been hiked on the project co-produced by Suriya. It may be mentioned here that, Suriya’s Ghajini which was remade in Hindi was also a blockbuster there.

On the flip side, director Vikram Kumar is a known face to Bollywood with his film 13 B which was a runaway hit.Suriya has played three roles in 24 and apparently each character has its own significance. It’s challenging for any actor to portray multiple roles.

So, this might be the other reason for Bollywood stars showing curiosity over the flick. Interim, 24 is due for release on May 6th.