Jagan to get huge shock on Ugadi day :

Jagan to get huge shock on Ugadi day

Y S Jagan mohan reddy looks like to have some huge night mare coming towards his way. About four MLAs from YSR Congress party will be shifting to Telugu desam party soon and teh same was said by KE Krishna murthy the deputy cheif minister of ANdhra pradesh state.

He said the reports are stating that MLAs from YSRCP are not at all happy with their leader ship and they are objected by their own leader Jagan mohan reddy and they are interested to come into TDP soon.

“Their only way of attraction here in TDP is that development but nothing else , Everyone is so interested to develop their own constituency and they are posing out this decision towards our side ” said KE Krishna murthy today. He also said TDP leader ship is so against to groups and they are giving out usual positions to all the people who come into the party. So UGadi day is going to give biggest shock to Jagan mohan reddy for sure.

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