Jagan Mohan Reddy Gets Huge Shock From TDP?

Jagan Mohan Reddy Gets Huge Shock From TDP

Elections to four vacant Rajya sabha seats from AP Quota are supposed to take the place up from the May this year. About 10 MLAs should bring out the name of each candidate in Rajya sabha.

Each Nominee will have to give out the support of 42 MLAs to emerge victorious in Rajya sabha polls. The strength in the house TDP – BJP combine is currently having 106 MLAs to easily grab three Rajya sabha seats but Jagan has 67 MLAs with him and can get only on MP with him. Telugu desam is now planning to give a huge shock to YS Jagan Rajya sabha seats by taking the support of few Rebel YCP MLAs instead. Jagan’s strength has fallen to 59 nnow and Telugu desam is still trying to grap few people . YSR Congress party’s leader Jagan is curious to send Vijay sai reddy who is also Jagan;s auditor to Rajya sabha. TDP on other hand wants a business man to send to Rajya sabha on this special seat.

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