KCR fires on KISS festival at Hyderabad University

KCR fires on KISS festival

CM K Chandrashekar rao spoke on the University of Hyderabad and started talking about the Kiss Festival which is going to start up in the university campus soon. KCR expressed his displeasure , made it clear that universities shouldnot hold such meaning less festivals. He asked university authorities not to repeat such things in the future at all.

He spoke in the Assembly and said universities should be the centers for excellence and education but not to create some anarchy over there. HE said UOH Student Rohith vemula’s suicide is a unfortunate incident to get happened and also explained why they are silent on the issue days of his death. He said Telangana government did not appoint V-Cs to any university because it wanted to cleanse the system by appointing them with some good character, Values