Kill him we will give 10 lakhs

Kill him we will give 10 lakhs

Youth Leader Kannayaih’s name is all over the india now . The shocking incident of Kaniah and his friends at JNU struggling on Aazadi is big

issue to discuss for students as well. The quick reaction from Janatha yuva morcha BJP’s youth win stated that 5 lakh to the people who cut the tounge of Kaniah kumar and 10 lakh rupees for those who killed that person. BJP stated that Kuldeep varshney was expelled from their party after this serious note. Kaniah kumar was released from Tihar jail after delhi high court gave him interim bail for sixmonths on the sedition case.

Kaniah also booked for speaking out anti india slogans and even showing his solidarity to the dreaded terrorist afzal guru who was hanged by Indian government. The large group of students and various bodies incuding oppsition leaders has the support to Kaniah in this case. Kaniah;s video was morphed with the ruthless slogans they disclosed.

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