Why LOKSATTHA is Now Out of Politics ?

Why LOKSATTHA is Now Out of Politics

Loksatta started as a grassroots political movement in 1996 and delivered significant victories in the field of political and judicial reforms and Institution building.

Some of Loksatta’s accomplishments are: Disclosure of criminal antecedents of candidates, which finally led to the candidate disclosure law in 2003. Improvement in voter registration after years of struggle and relentless pursuit. Political funding law in the wake of Tehelka scam. Strengthening the anti-defection provisions. Limiting the size of the Cabinet. Right to Information Act National Health Mission Local Courts law enacted in 2009. Autonomy of cooperatives through the 97th Constitutional amendment. A sound Lokpal Legislation. Cancellation of 2G spectrum licenses, and competitive bidding of natural resource allocation. 99th amendment of the constitution about NJAC(subsequently quashed by supreme court) We founded Loksatta Party in 2006, as we sensed the need to create a platform for new politics, and to bring the youth, middle classes, and politically marginalized sections into the mainstream.

Only when these classes yearn for new politics will change be accelerated. Once these disenfranchised classes become vocal and play a creative role, established parties will be forced to change their ways and improve our democracy. In most societies that is how change happens. But if these parties fail to respond to people’s urges, they will be eventually marginalized, and new political forces will replace them.

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