Mahanati triumphs in May

Summer which scorched with heat of block busters, hits and Mega hits thrilling the Telugu film goers and fans , is at last in its final phase . Chitti Babu made big noise in March with his Rangasthalam. In the vibrant combination of Ram Charan and Sukumar , it rampaged the box office records all in one. In the third week of April, the Bharat Ane Nenu, a Mahesh Babu starter siphoned of Rs. 105 crore at box office and with Ragasthalam rocked the summer market and drove fans and audience crazy with adulation.

But none could ever imagine the thrill pave, public adulation like what Mahanati did to the Telugu film world. It opened with mouth talk and a racing word campaign as a super-duper hit from Day-2 itself. Other summer release films – Na Peru Surya, Mahbooba, Nela Ticket, Ammammagari Illu and Kasi failed to outshine Mahanati. Mahanati wave has swallowed all of them and sent them back out of field within a week while it continued its splendorous journey .

Today three films have appeared at box office Varma-Nag Officer, Raj Tarn-Rajugadu and Abhimanyu in Vishal,Samantha pair. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed and hearts open as to whether these three new films could stop the shining journey of Mahanati.