Mega Family does not Follow Trend They all way’s Set’s Trend

We all say that there is no problem with inter-caste marriages and speak in an idealistic manner. But only a few follow it in reality and the youngsters in Mega family are proving that. Starting with Mega Power Star Ram Charan, he married Upasana Kamineni who hails from another community. Stylish star Allu Arjun too showed that he doesn’t care about the community as he is happily married to Sneha Reddy who is also not from his community. His elder brother Allu Bobby tied the knot to a North Indian girl putting aside the regional feelings.

Now, Niharika is also going to be married to a guy who is not from their community. We have to appreciate them for their broad-minded nature. The Mega family is setting a new trend in Tollywood.