Naga Chaitanya’s New Tattoo Decoded!!

Other day when Naga Chaitanya has turned up at the pre-release event of “Officer” movie, what caught the attention of many people is his new tattoo. Known for their tattoo, the Akkinenis including Nagarjuna, Chay and Samantha got different kinds of tattoos on their bodies, always raising some curiosity among the onlookers.

Apparently, both Chay and his lovely Samantha got an arrow tattoo etched on the side of their wrists, whose meaning in the Latin language is ‘forward’. And now Chay got some dots by its side. Many have thought that it is just a design and they felt like even Samantha will get the same extension. But why dots? Here is the answer. 

Upon a deep digging, it’s found that tattoo is none other than a Morse code (usually it is written in dots and spaces), that reads, “6 10 17”. And what does that mean? Yes, you got it right. It’s nothing but October 6th, 2017 which happens to be the date when Chay and Sam got wedded in Goa as per both Hindu and Christian traditions. 

When asked to comment about the tattoo of Chay, saying that it’s a Morse code, Sam quipped “Wowww you got really curious didn’t you?”.