Nagarjuna’s Oopiri Movie Review

Nagarjuna's Oopiri Movie Review

After the super hits manam and soggade chinni nayana nagarjuna came out again with a different genre Oopiri. This is a remake f a French movie title the intouchables. There was a lot of hype for this multi-starrer as nagarjuna acted in such a character in which he is on a wheel chair throughout the movie for the first time and karthi has acted in a direct telugu movie for the first time. Vamsi paidipalli is the director of this movie and thamanna is the heroine.


Srinu (Karthik) does small thefts for getting money and is an irresponsible guy. Once he gets caught and will be arrested. His mother brings him out on a bail and will not allow him to enter the house. He will try to escape his punishment by working for an Ngo or some kind f service. At that time, he joins as a care taker of the multi- millionaire Vikramadithya (Nagarjuna). Vikramadithya is a multi-millionaire. While he was parasailing in paris, he meets with an accident and the body below his neck completely gets paralysed. So he has to depend on somebody for everything. Even though he has his friend Prasad 9Prakash Raj) and secretary Keerthi (Thamanna), he will miss out some thing in life. At that time he will arrange interview for a person who taken care of him and he will appoint Karthi. Karthi, being so irresponsible joins to take care of him because of his wealth and his glamorous secretary thamanna. Will he take care of nagarjuna well, how did he fall in love with thamanna and clear all his life problems is the remaining story.


Nagarjuna is the show stopper of the movie. Even though there is no moment, he impressed everybody with his acute expressions. Karthi has done wonderful action and carried the spirit of the movie well. Even though there is no much scope for action for thamanna, she impressed with her glamour and stylish look. Prakash raj, jayasudha etc have done a good job in their limitations. Vamsi paidipalli succeeded in remaking the French movie and there was no feel of a French movie and was all natural. He has balanced the emotional scenes well and it is worth the point to be noted. Eventhough he made us tear a little, he has immediately made us laugh with a comedy dialog. Especially, bringing in nagarjuna itself is a big achievement. PVP production values have raised the stage of the movie


Music is not so good and it failed to attract the audience. The second half was a bit lengthy and too emotional.

Final Verdict

Oopiri has raised the standard of telugu cinema by another step. A must watch for everybody.