Nandini Rai elimination is unfair, Can she get another chance to enter house?

BiggBoss is an edit version of 1 and hour. So don’t come to a conclusion by seeing these version. There are lot of things which we aren’t aware whats really going on in biggboss. After coming out, the way nandini gaaru expressed her views about what is showing & what not. What really is biggboss. So now audience are now feeling to give her a chance to get into house back like shyamala & Nutan naidu. There was a question rising if shyamala & nutan gaaru can get re entry, even Nandini Rai deserves a re entry. After watching her from past 3 weeks she is one of the stand out contestant in kitchen tasks & in house. Most of the BiggBoss viewers analyzed her elimination was unfair.

As the process of public demand she can enter into the house. Just because of few clips which shown which created a lot of negativity from some group. Not only she even her family members got hurt. After coming out nandini rai clearly explained what has happened in the house regarding issue. Now, audience are in a state the elimination of nandini rai is not fair, so on public demand she can give her re-entry

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