Nara Rohith Tuntari Movie Review Rating

Nara Rohith Tuntari Movie Review Rating

Nara Rohith is known for the best selection of stories and best making out of films in Telugu cinema. Right from his days of Banam Rohith was highly successful in making out some positives reviews for his movies but the commercial extravanga is so poor for this movie.The Nara hero has now tied up with Nagendra Kumar director of Gundello Godari and Joru plop movies. Rohith still given him the chance for direction and he has grabbed out a safe venture by poping out perfect commercial hit for both of them .

Story – Positives :

Four friends Kishore, Pooja, Sudarshan, Aanand, Kalki on a vacation to a dense forest discover a sage. When the sage grants them a boon Kishore asks him for a newspaper after Vijaya Dasami day to test him. Much to their astonishment, the Sage presents them and vanishes.

Interestingly, the four friends learn about an upcoming boxing tournament and Raju (Nara Rohith), the winner of the tournament and his prize money. They approach Raju to smartly cut a deal with him regarding the prize money but are shocked to know that Raju isn’t a boxer at all.

But Raju falls deeply in love with Siri (Latha Hegde) who wants to see him win the boxing tournament opposite a deadly opponent like Killer Raju (Kabir). How did the prophecy of the sage come true forms the rest of the story. Nara rohith improved his comedy timing and he was so good in it. Though he has to work more for the home his back to back movies and the directors can sure correct him soon. Director Nagndra Kumar played the safe game and he has got better movie than his previous ones.

This can be said as a ray of hope for his career. Thuntari is a better remake but not great for the Maan karaate. The love story and comedy went absolutely well. The film that starts off on a curious note shifts gear turns engaging with good dosage of comedy between the lead cast.

The second half could have been handled really well but director focused more on unneccessary episodes. Songs are big speed breakers and they come like from no where.Given the subject of the film, the second half is expected to be a serious, intense, emotional roller coaster with its share of drama & thrilling highs but you see nothing.

Looks like the director preferred to keep it simple and light hearted that he actually loses the intensity in the treatment which might have taken the film to the next horizon in term of emotional connect. The connectivity will be less with the hero and emotions should have been carried forward in much proper way .

Finally , Thuntari is the best job by director Nagendra and hero Rohith for sure but comparing it to the original version which is Maan karate might give this less marks to handle for. Thuntari was filled more with fun where Maan karate is all about emotions and serious saga. The theme and emmtion of first original is not properly immensed in the remake at all .So this might be not great remake but considering it as alone for sure is a good time pass week end film.