Why No National Ward For Vikram ?

Why No National Ward For Vikram

Fans of Tamil hero Vikram are not at all happy with the jury members decision on National awards as they preferred Amitab bacchan over the versatile actor Vikram. Vikram and Amitab bacchan were strong contenders for their performance in I and Piku movies.

While Chiiyan vikram even gone lot of change overs for the movie I directed by Shankar everyone expected an award for his flawless performance. The hero himself responded to the awards ‘I don’t expect awards for any extreme roles I do because sometimes ‘n’ number of people who appreciate my acting is rather better than 4 people (jury members) who decides a winner in a room’ and said this. Even all india wide Vikram supporters are not at all happy with this as he is one the top most hard worker in indian cinema.

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