Pawan kalyan is not touching Telangana ?

Pawan kalyan is not touching Telangana

Political vacuum prevailing in Andhra Pradesh necessitated Power Star Pawan Kalyan to move on with a perfect sketch to take Jana Sena into public preparing himself and the Party for 2019 general elections. Accordingly, we are hearing the reports on Pawan all set to make a whirlwind tour of Andhra Pradesh through Bus Yatra and Pada Yatras aggressively promoting Jana Sena goals and ideologies.

On the lee side, Pawan currently has no plans to enter in Telangana because TRS and CM KCR are sitting pretty strong with a weak opposition and undivided support from Telangana public. Any hasty step from Power Star in Telangana can adversely impact his image and so he needs to remain cautious. Accordingly,

Pawan is following a wait and see approach as far as Telangana is concerned. ‘Pawan might enter into political field from September or October. His first target is to place Jana Sena comfortably in Andhra Pradesh as a political alternative to TDP and YSRCP. Depending upon final equations, he would decide on Telangana,’ a source close to Jana Sena informed.

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