Pawan Kalyan vs Vijay

Pawan Kalyan vs Vijay

The audio launch of Sardaar gabbar singh is getting released today which is 20th of march.

The makers are having all the phenomenal attractions for this launch while Tamil nadu state has Vijay’s movie Theri audio on the same evening. This is so interesting to see both bigger stars are releasing the audios on same day which is 20th march. While Sardaar gabbar singh is planning for April 8th release Vijay has Theri movie schedule is all set for april 14th for release. Vijay is having huge fan base in telugu too so they will release it on the same day for telugu too.

Now, none of Vijay’s films were hugely successful in Telugu states. And if Theri’s Telugu version comes on the 14th, it will risk its box-office collections with Sardaar running simultaneously. And if becomes a huge hit on its release, we may even expect a delayed release for Theri.

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