Ravi shankar gets reply from ISIS

Ravi shankar gets reply from ISIS

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said on Thursday made a shocking revelation. Ravi Shankar opned about his efforts on peace talks with Islamic terror group ISIS. Ravi Shankar said that ISIS rebuffed him by sending him a photograph of a beheaded man when he tried to open a dialogue with the Islamic State group.”I tried to initiate peace talks with the ISIS recently but they sent me a photograph of a beheaded body of a man.

My efforts of peace talks with them ended in that manner. ISIS does not want any peace talks and they should be dealt with militarily.”Ravi Shankar said he believed that dialogue alone with the Islamists would not succeed while the fighters believed “no-one else has a right to exist”.

Ravi Shankar his aim was to unite all cultures, religions, faith and ideologies.

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