Run Review

RUN the new AHA Originals is directed by Lakshmi Kanth Chenna with Navdeep, Pujitha Ponnada as lead roles and Venkat, Amit Tiwari, and Bhanusree supporting cast.

With shorter-duration, this film is drawing the attention of the Telugu audience. Actor Venkat has given a strong
comeback to the industry after a long time and is seen as a cop. The film is a Psychological Crime Drama.

The story revolves around Sandeep reddy ( Navdeep) who mysteriously acclaimed as a murder of his wife Shruthi(Pujitha Ponnada). The storyline goes along with Navdeep meeting different people to trace out the murder.

While coming to the pros of the RUN, Navdeep stands out first. He carried out the major part of
the film as a single man show. The actress Pujitha Ponnada did an eye-catching performance.

Bigboss Amit Tiwari and Bhanu Shree are plus as the supporting roles. With a duration of 90 minutes, the film flowed as if it would take more time until the climax. When we look at the disappointing aspects of the story it would be the other actors of the film.

The concept of the movie will be known to the psychological crime watchers as the theme is not so
new. However, the twists in the movie lifted the expectations but the narration was a little confusing.

As the story deepens, we feel that the director overdid in a bid to showcase something new. But then, we only keep disconnecting. The pre-climax and climax are the final nails in the coffin. Simply RUN is a crime thriller that eventually diverted to a split personality disorder with a murder

The trailer looks promising but however, the film doesn’t reach up to the mark. It’s a One-time
watch Movie with lead cast and story with twists as big plus. So why late? watch the RUN
streaming on AHA.