Saptagiri Express Movie Review

Saptagiri Express Movie Review

Movie: Saptagiri Express

Cast: Saptagiri, Roshini Prakash, Shamili, Ajay Ghosh, Sayaji Shinde, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali, Tulasi, Madhunandan, Shakalaka Shankar and others

Director: Arun Pawar

Producer: Dr. K. Ravi Kirane

Production House: Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations

Music: Bulganin

Cinematographer: Ram Prasad

Editing: Gautham Raju

Release Date: 23rd December 2016

Behind the screens

Popular Telugu Comedian, Saptagiri is trying his luck as a hero first time with Saptagiri Express. Let’s see how Saptagiri Express fared with the audience!


Siva Prasad (Siva Prasad) is a sincere constable and wants his son, Saptagiri (Saptagiri) to become an IAS officer. But then Saptagiri is fond of films and dramas. He aspires to become an actor and also is in the process of wooing Poornima (Roshini Prakash) who comes to their colony recently. His father gets killed in an encounter and Saptagiri gets his father’s job. Rest of the story is all about how Saptagiri avenges the killing of his father.


Saptagiri performed well in comedy as well as emotions and even attempted fights and dances as well. He got pass marks as a hero. The single take ‘Emantivi Emantivi’ dialogue is impressive. Shakalaka Shankar is impressive in a crucial role. Siva Prasad is good as a honest constable. Heroine Roshini Prakash is disappointing.


Saptagiri Express is the official remake of Tamil super hit film, Thirudan Police and the director Arun Pawar made some changes to that to fit in for Saptagiri’s comedy image. The ‘Cinema Madness’ scenes evoke few laughs while the love story is not that effective. The emotional scenes between the father and son are impressive but the revenge drama which is the heart of the film did not work out. Making changes to the script according to Saptagiri’s image diluted the film value.


Even though Saptagiri Express is a small film, the production values are very rich and effective. Bulganin’s music somehow did not match Saptagiri. They are like those composed for a mass hero. Dialogues are good in parts with some punches working here and there.

Movie Marks

Not Enough Speed for this Express

Rating: 2.25/5