Sardar Gabbar Singh Movie Review | Live Updates |Rating |Story | Talk

Sardar Gabbar Singh Movie Review | Live Updates |Rating |Story | Talk

Pawan kalyan after his Attarinitiki daredi has not made out yet another movie in recent times , Though Gopala Gopala has come in between it is not a kind of movie where full lenght role is offered for Pawan kalyan. This movie Sardaar gabbar singh was out after 3 long years and Pawan kalyan fans are so excited about the film in total. Pawan kalyancharishma and grace is showing out a normal in experienced director’s movie on great stand. Lets see how Pawan kalyan has made this happen in the theatres

Story and Positives

The story is all about Ratan pur sansthan where Bhairav singh wants to grab out all the oppurtunities , lands and other things in the Ratan pur. At the same time he fells in love with Kajal the princess over there and he becomes unstoppable. At the right time Sardaar gabbar singh a cop with full attitude enters the Rathan pur land. The interval block reaches where both the villian and hero gives great challanges to each other . Second half deals with a twist regarding the princess Kajal agarwal and her relation with Sardaar.

Movie reaches out to the end where Pawan kalyan keeps solving out the things from the twist that got revealed. This movie is total one man show of Pawan kalyan , He has raised out some uneven extra ordinary performance for this movie and grabbed the perfect flavour of it. His dances, Style and particularly comedy is the best thing from him . He made it happen with ease and perfection. Kajal did her best and others were ok. Comedy is the primary asset of first half where Reverse anthakshari scenes were given good applause by audience . Interval block is what one has to watch for, Mass audience are all set to watch it for sure. Racy screenplay is also bigger asset. BGM is ok


Second half is bigger minus point for the movie. The way director raised the expectations in the first half and diluted them completely in the second half is so annoying. Pawan kalyan;s mannerism were wasted at some intervals. Veena step did not work out at all. Director dont know where lost the grip to show off the second half really good. Songs are bigger irritating factor. Comedy was handled worst in the second half. Brahmanandam was wasted. Lot of patience to be carried for second half. Dont know what has gone wrong but Bobby was unable to handle it really well in the second half.

Finally ,Sardaar gabbar singh has lot to watch for in the first half and nothing in the second. Watch with your family for once if you are free this week end , Else you can wait for it on Television premiere soon. Paisa vasool entertainer for first half.