UGADI Festival to Give Huge Shock to JAGAN ?

UGADI Festival to Give Huge Shock to JAGAN

The sources are stating that YSRCP’s East godavari district convenor , Jaggampeta MLA Jyothula nehru is all nnow to jump into TDP. By Ugadi or then Nehru would be leaving Jagan for sure.

Along with him other MLAs Varupula Subbarao and Vanthala Rajeswari too were busy making arrangements to leave out YSRCP soon. If Nehru quites YCP there will be a big draw back to East godavari divison for YSRCP. Nehru sailed with TDP over two decades and then crossed on to Prajarajyam party and he then jumped into YSRCP. Nehru seems not happy with Jagan mohan reddy politics and thus he is receiving pressure from TDP leaders to come back to the home. Nehru had played crucial role in defeating TDP in Tuni, Prathipadu and Jaggampeta constituencies.

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