YS Jagan are you joking ? No confidence motion possible ?

YS Jagan are you joking

YSR Congress today spoke to media and their leader said they are trying to keep up some no confidence motion against the ruling TDP government in Ap assembly . YSR congress party leader ship has already figured that action plan is all set for Ruling party during the assembly sessions. The assembly sessions in Andhra pradesh are all set for March 5th in AP and they are ready for keeping the No Confidence motion in the house.

YCP Leaders claims No Confidence Motion is being used as a weapon to highlight the failures of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in fulfilling the poll promises. TDP doesn’t face any immediate threat with No Trust Motion as it has over 100 MLAs on its side by now. Even Jagan knows it but wants to do something in counter to defections of his MLAs to TDP. This might be a great joke as YSRCP has no reference or available MLAs to prove their no confidence motion.