YSR said Congress would die if Telangana is given

" YSR said Congress would die if Telangana is given "

Sanjaya Baru who served as Media advisor to Manmohan singh when he was Prime minister was taken into Modi and the media talk show recently. While he started talking about the bifurcation of Andhra pradesh state which is united he said he was present when YSR – Y S Rajashekar reddy told the Prime minister Manmohan singh that congress will never ever win in Seemandhra nor Telangana if division happens prior to the polls .
He also said Former CM YSR explained Prime minister why it will not work in favor of congress – Seemandhra people will be angry with ruling party & Telangana people will give total credit to KCR. The current situation of AP, Sanjaya baru recalls noticing Rajnath singh and Arjun jaitley were not so clear about chandrababu naidu and not giving him what AP wanted. Mr.Baru feels that Delhi respects the power in numbers the most where in United AP is the biggest non hindi state in India.